Sunday Night Overnight Oats Prep

It’s Sunday night. Boo. Tomorrow some of us may have work, school, whatever our weekday routine entails. Food prep has become a huge trend these days to help us stay prepared and make sure we always have something healthy and nutritious to fuel our bodies with.

My Sunday food prep show mostly consists of making Overnight Oats and an abundance of vegetables (but don’t worry we are sticking to oats here). To help avoid get bored and sick of the same old overnight oats, I like to make a variety of OOs for the week. On Sundays I pick a few of my recipes and prep those and make sure the ingredients are in my pantry. That way when I wake up each morning I can decide which OOs to have that day and it prevents us from getting bored of the same ol’ breakfast.

Today I’m prepping my Original Overnight Oats and my  Very Berry Overnight Oats.  My Original Overnight Oats are super easy and basic. They have room for me to add anything else I’d like when I am eating too since they only have oatmeal, almond milk, chia seeds and banana. My Very Berry Overnight Oats have the extra antioxidants I need from blueberries so I like to make sure I make them ready too.

I promise you it is not overwhelming to prep this. Here is what you need to do:

  • Take out 5 mason jars, tupperware or any container you prefer to eat OOs out of
  • Pick out which recipes you want to make for the week (I recommend 2max)
  • Take out all ingredients needed for your OOs
  • Make recipe #1 in half of the jars
  • Make recipe #2 in the remaining jars

By prepping 5 jars on Sunday for the week this will be a huge time saver for you. It is super easy, it’s fun and it makes your life a million times easier to have breakfast set for 5 days of the week! Just saying it again makes me so grateful that I do this. Plus now you know you have a nutritious and wholesome breakfast to jump start your metabolism.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments below. Happy to help you prep on your first Sunday! xo, Rach